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Our team takes the time to know your business thoroughly and identify both legal and non legal concerns.  We provide cost-effective resolutions to your legal issues.

Our business law services include:

  • Business sales and purchases;

  • Assets sales and purchases;

  • Shareholder and corporate       reorganizations;

  • Business incorporations;

  • Business refinancings; and

  • Partnership and unanimous       shareholder agreements



We provide general counsel to assist our clients in ordering their affairs so that litigation may be avoided whenever reasonably possible. Even where ,litigation appears unavoidable, we help our clients assess the practicality and viability of alternative dispute mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation.


  • Contractual remedies and enforcement

  • Negligence actions

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Employment Disputes


 Our Services Include:
  • Divorce

  • Contested

  • Uncontested

  • Desk Divorce

  • Common Law Relationships

  • Property Division

  • Child and Spousal Support 

  • Agreements

  • Separation, Support & Property Agreements

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Custody and Parental Arrangements

  • Independent Legal Advice




We provide a full range of residential real estate services including:

  • Buying and selling property  

  • Mortgages and loans

  • Co-ownership agreements

  • Transfers of title

  • Rental agreements


we provide commercial real estate legal services to clients including:

  • Buying and selling of commercial properties 

  • Commercial financings 

  • Joint ventures

  • Co-ownership arrangements

  • Leasing and lease negotiations, for both tenants and landlords



We provide experience and knowledge necessary for you to draft and obtain the following important personal documents that can and will ultimately affect your financial well-being and that of your beneficiaries:


  • A Will for you and/or your spouse

  • An Enduring Power of Attorney to deal with your financial affairs

  • A Personal Directive to deal with your personal well being


We can also assist you with:

  • Estate Planning

  • Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act Applications

  • Administration of Estates

  • Trusts



We can assist you with this service, for all types of legal documents including: 

  • Power of Attorney 

  • Travel Documents 

  • Invitation Letters 

  • Travel Consent Letters 

  • Immigration documents 

  • Identity Proof Documents 

  • All Types of Affidavits 

  • Certificates and Qualification Degrees 


Temporary Residence:

Work Permit (GATS, NAFTA, ICT, etc.)
Post-graduation Work Permit
Spousal Work Permit
International Experience Canada 
Study Permit
Business Visitor Visa
Visitor Visa
Super Visa
Status Extension





Canada Permanent Residence:

Express Entry
Provincial Nominee Program
Spousal Sponsorship
Sponsorship of a Dependent Child
Parental Sponsorship
Family Sponsorship
PR Card Renewal



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