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Jade Sunrise Law, formerly known as Kathy Zhang Law Firm, was founded in January 2016 by Kathy Zhang, also known as Hongqian Zhang. As a law firm with a unique blend of Chinese and Canadian legal expertise, our vision is to provide exceptional legal services to our clients while embracing the use of technology to enhance our services and efficiency.


With a strong foundation in both Chinese and Canadian law, Kathy Zhang's background as a judge in China and her many years of experience enable us to offer unparalleled insights and a comprehensive understanding of legal matters across two distinct jurisdictions.


At Jade Sunrise Law, we pride ourselves on our ethical approach and passion for what we do. Our core values are Wisdom, Integrity, and Compassion, which guide us in every aspect of our practice. Our team consists of highly competent lawyers fluent in both English and Chinese, along with experienced and caring paralegals who prioritize our clients' needs.


By combining our diverse legal expertise with a dedication to client satisfaction and a commitment to leveraging technology, Jade Sunrise Law is the go-to law firm in Alberta for those seeking quality legal services in both English and Chinese.


Join us on our journey as we continue to grow, and let us show you how Jade Sunrise Law can make a positive impact on your legal needs.

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